Thursday, February 19

WoW Trick: Easy alchemy Elixir master

Here is an easy way to get Elixir mastery without too much effort.( need about 300G )

1st-Get alchemy and raise it as usual to about 350 ( there's a bunch of guide avalaible on the web to grind it quickly ). The Alachemy master in Honnor Hold will offer you 3 quest depending on wich specialisation you wish to take.

The one for elixir master whant you to get some elixir ( wich is easy done cause you should allready be crafting them) along with 10x crystal that drop from Black Morass. 10 crystal should take you about 2 to 4 BM run if you are alone on this quest. Thats where it become a pain.

The one for potion mastery is a bit easyer cause you will need only a book that drop from TK Botanica if im right along with some alchemy craft. ( still involving a dongeon )

The one for transmute master is the easyest.... You need to turn 4x Primal might for wich you probably allready have the recipe. ( primal are so cheap now that WOTLK is out ).

So here is the trick.... Take the path of transmute master.
Buy or farm every primal needed or buy primal or primal might from AH.
Once you get 4x Primal might, go to Stormspire in Netherstorm. Accept the quest from the Transmute master ( forget is name ... it begin by a Z ) and turn in your 4 Primal Might.
Bam...your now transmute master.... Now speak with him again and ask him to unlearn your specialisation. It will cost you 150G to unlearn your specilisation. When done, go to the Elixir master in Lower city of Shattrath and and ask him to learn Elixir mastery and voila.... Your are now Elixir master without the pain of doing those ennoying Black morass runs.

Enjoy !!

P.S : I changed mining for alchemy to test the alchemy discovery exploit and thats the way i learned Elixir Mastery and it really work so no need to have someone else confirm this. I should be able to confirm the Discovery exploit in a coupple of days.

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Anonymous said...

lol this isn't really an exploit. it's amusing what you guys post up sometimes.

sQren on 20 Feb 2009, 13:42:00 said...

well... The topic says wow trick?

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