Friday, February 20

Easy gold for those starting out fresh

Here is an easy way to get Elixir mastery without too much effort.( need about 300G )

For those of you starting alliance on a new server with no main to fund you, here is a really easy way to make some starting gold.

    Step 1: Get to northrend.
    Step 2: Get to the Argent Vanguard in Icecrown (spirit res helps a lot).
    Step 3: Do 1 damage to the spiders outside the town that guards are attacking.
    Step 4: Loot 30s + grays per kill.

You won't get experience for the kills, but even doing a single point of damage will tag it to you for full loot. It's not much compared to making OMG BILLIONZ at the auctionhouse, but if you need a little cash to start playing the AH, this is a good way to do it.

The fastest way to get to northrend of course is to beg for a free port to dalaran, but if you're on a fresh server this isn't possible. Just make a level 1 human rogue, die, and run to the stormwind boat as a ghost. Once you're there, you may spirit res at any of the healers. Pick a rogue because throwing a weapon at a mob removes dodge/parry from the hit table, as well as putting yourself out of melee range of the spiders.

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