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Solo Raptor & Tiger boss as a Warrior!

How to solo Zul'Gurub rare mounts
As a Warrior


Fury specc, preferably with Blood Craze and Bloodthirst.

Glyph of Bloodthirst - Item - World of Warcraft

Tanking gear with as much shield block rating as u can get!

Trinkets that you could use are something that increases your HP, for higher beneficial use with Enraged Regeneration.

Repelling Charge - Item - World of Warcraft - I'm using this.

Keep away from AXE THROWERS!

Raptor boss - Bloodlood Mandokir:

First off, this fight various alot, and if you don't keep Bloodthirst up almost 100% you can die really fast! Keep sure to have berserker rage off cooldown, he fears about every 30-40second or so.

He's got a raptor pet with him, which does sunder armor on you. I prefer killing the raptor so it doesn't hit me while im stunned. The thing is,
that when you kill the pet, Mandokir goes into an enrage mode for 60seconds or so, pop shield block when he does to give it a smooth start.

He also does some whirlwinds now and then, if you like you can run out of it (but do not face your back to him, strafe away!) but i dont mind staying in it.

1. Blodthirst spam.

2. Keep an eye out for fear.

(3.) Heal yourself + Defensive abilities / trinket. (Only if you go below 50% hp, if not save it!)

That's basically the whole fight, unless you want to run out of whirlwind / dont kill the pet. Pray for the mount to drop

Swift Razzashi Raptor - Item - World of Warcraft

Tiger Boss - High Priest Thekal:

First off, theres a secret pathway for getting into this boss without fighting any trash! Outside, around the walls theres a huge pack of tigers, run up by hugging the wall next to them,
theres a small hill up there which you can "walljump" up, and run straight to the boss. I'll take screenshots of it next time i go there if wanted!

Thekal has 2 adds with him, a rogue and a shaman. The rogue disarms and gouges you, while the shaman heals and use bloodlust.

Gouge can be removed with Berserker rage, bloodlust can be dispelled with Shield Slam and use Shiled Bash when the shaman triest to heal. You'll see huge yellow glow around the hands, easy to catch!

But theres a small trick, all 3 have to die at the same time, within 15-25seconds of eachother, if not, they will start ressing eachother and you have to fight them all over again.
So dps them down until you reach about 5-15% hp, wait for the shaman to heal, interrupt it then start nuking them down 1 by 1.

After this the main boss will spawn, a huge tiger. He does a Forced Knockback, so stand close to a wall so this doesnt throw you away, no matter what you do, make sure your back is not faced against the trash mobs infront of the boss.

Also, do not fear the small tigers he spawn, do not worry about them at all, they barely hurt at all.

1. Blodthirst spam.

2. Keep an eye out for heals.

(3.) Heal yourself + Defensive abilities / trinket. (Only if you go below 50% hp, if not save it!)

Swift Zulian Tiger - Item - World of Warcraft

Basically for both bosses, keep spamming Bloodthirst at all times. I have no problems having 80-100% hp at all times, and your gear does not have to be full tier7.25 either.
I've done this with early random offset tanking gear with no problems at all!

(I searched around, could'nt find anything so please tell me if it's a repost! I'll delete it right away.)

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Billy Tatu on 26 Feb 2009, 00:33:00 said...

I've been trying to get these mounts for a long time. I'm a paladin and most definitely can not solo it as of right now

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