Tuesday, February 24

World of Warcraft hint - epic grinding location

I am currently at 68,49 ( borean tundra )
There are mobs of ''Kvaldir Raiders'' lvl 68
There are boats of them that come to attack at this shore.
2x boats are very close to each other, that bring 5 mobs on each boat.
Respawn for boats are under 1min 30seconds. ( no matter how fast you can kill teh group)

I am currently playing 2 characters , mage and pally, so im using both boats at teh same time, and bringing in heaps of exp. ( both lvl 71 )

If you are by yourself you have the potential to get 10x 800exp ( non rested ) Per 1min 30secs.

So that = 320k exp per hour. If you have the skill to get both boats before the mobs kill them all.

Im bringing in 160k exp per toon ( im grouped ) And im just sitting here watching TV =D

Also they dont care bout you. So if you sit right in front of were they spawn they will go straight past you.

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