Saturday, February 28

WOW Tricks - Frost DK for farming

It is asserted by some that frost spec is geared towards tanking, and while this is true there is a talent build within the frost tree that focuses on casting/AoE blast damage. I'm not sure why I went frost specc to begin with. I suppose it was because it had more options in terms of casting, and I happen to be more of a caster addict than melee. Basically we will be working off this talent build: -> Info -> Classes -> Death Knight -> Talent Calculator The focus of this talent build is that it provide a considerable boost to spell damage as well as boosting critical strike chance of your frost spells and melee attacks. The following notables are added: * Howling Blast (and excellent AoE blast spell) * Death Chill which makes your next frost spell/melee attack a critical. Imagine a crit hit on a mob. For Howling blast to be affective, target one enemy and blast them with Icy touch. Then transfer the diseases using pestilence to all other mob members (which spreads frost fever thus doubling damage from howling blast), then hit death chill and you have a lovely crit on multiple targets. This build obviously is highly ideal for FARMING those elementals and stacking up on world drops. Not to mention the procs that come from Killing Machine in the talent build simply adds to your chances for critical hits. Additionally, using Rune of Cinderglacier on your weapon, and you get chances to deal + 20% frost damage. Additionally from this build you have RIME which gives a chance for your Howling Blast to cost no runes. Combine this with Blood of the North, and you can very well have the ability to cast howling blast 5 times with at LEEAST one crit (but probably more). Now also from the Blood build for this talent tree you have Death Rune Mastery. With this, you can have a potential of up to 7 Howling blasts with at least one critical (but if you count for how often Killing Machine Procs then you'll have more crits). An alternative option is to subsitute your talents in Death Rune Mastery and put them in Improved Rune Tap for better longevity if your farming higher instances. Typical Rotation for AoE Farming can be: Icy Touch | Plague Strike | Pestilence | Death Chill | Howling Blast | Death and Decay | Icy Touch Plague Strike | Pestilence| Howling Blast Now there is a 5 sec cool down for Howling Blast, so if you are in need of more AoE damage then not, then you can use this rotation you can switch out the plague strike and pestilence moves later in the rotation.

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