Thursday, February 26

(Paladin)Kill Through Iceblock and Bubble

Hand of reckoning the new paladin ability hits for around 300-400 damage with sufficient spellpower. Currently this spell penetrates through immunity effect Hand of 30 yd range Instant cast with 8 sec cooldown, Taunts the target to attack you and causes 1.085 Holy damage. If in arena a paladin Divine Shields or Mage Iceblocks with low health you can kill him through it as a paladin with Hand of reckoning. This is very helpful for arena. am posting it only here for elites so it doesnt get nerfed too fast and enjoy ! just making sure if you dont understand Get paladin or mage low, they bubble or iceblock with low health, instead of oh shit he just bubbled with 40 health, u hand of reckoning him and he dies and you win yummy arena points

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