Thursday, February 26

World of Warcraft trick: 13g, 22k xp per 4 minutes, repeatable quest

This exploit yields 22k xp and 12.57g per 4 minutes, so it's worth it if you want to afk while you level or make gold for doing nothing. Personally, I run two WoW windows with both of my accounts running the quest constantly, so so it's ~400g per hour for no actual work being done. In any case, I'll get to the point. I have no screenshots as I am not on my computer at the moment, I will quite possibly update this thread later tonight with pictures. 1: Kill withered trolls outside of the camp to get the unliving choker and begin the quest chain: An Invitation, of Sorts... - Quest - World of Warcraft 2: Work through the chain until you get to: Infiltrating Voltarus - Quest - World of Warcraft ; Here is where the actual explot begins. When you accept the quest, you are given Stefan's Horn, which allows you to summon Stefan to you at any given point. 3. Use the Enscrolled choker and take the portal up to Voltarus, and take Drakuru's task, Reunited - Quest - World of Warcraft 4. Run to the direct opposite side of Voltarus and take the tour, which takes ~3:40. When you land, run over to Drakuru and turn in Reunited - Quest - World of Warcraft . This next step is very important, because if you mess it up it ruins any opportunity for the repeatable quest in the future. Take the portal back down to the ground below Voltarus and use Stefan's Horn, and while Stefan is flying down abandon the original quest, Infiltrating Voltarus - Quest - World of Warcraft . When Stefan lands, he will allow you to re-pick up Infiltrating Voltarus - Quest - World of Warcraft and you can re-zone into Voltarus and get Reunited - Quest - World of Warcraft once more, repeating the steps above infinitely. If done correctly (takes a moron to mess it up), you will have an average yield of 200g per hour or 314250xp. You could probably create a task for Glider fairly easily that would do all of this for you, essentially creating a situation that = win.Sorry if this was a huge text wall, it's a very simple exploit :>

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Anonymous said...

Does this still work?

Anonymous said...

Does this still work??

Anonymous said...

This no longer works. No experience is gained from completing Reunited.

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