Wednesday, February 25

Nuke the biggest mob groups away as Death Knight

You need: A computer World of Warcraft An account for World of Warcraft A deathknight with blood spec Engineering skill 350 Saronite Bombs (You get them from a Box of Bombs, which you can manufacture as engineer) How to do it: 1. Search for large mob groups somewhere 1a. Get in Frost Presence to be able to take more damage to pull bigger mob groups 2. Pull them all together 3. Get runic power until you can spawn your Dancing Rune Weapon and spawn it 4. Throw a Saronite Bomb on the group 5. ???? 6. Profit What is my Dancing Rune Weapon doing? It throws for each mob again a new Saronite Bomb that damages the whole group for 1000+ damage. The bigger your group, the more damage is done. Proof: Working as I'm typing this here. Have fun.

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