Sunday, March 8

Keeping up your dps in phase 3 vs Malygos

First of all you need the basics of how the encounter works. Stick with your raid to give the healers an easy time and avoid the "electric fields" he is creating every now and then. If you have tried the encounter, you know what i mean

Once the basics are in place, you need a steady spell rotation. If you're using addons supporting sidebars even when in a vehicle/drake you can settle for this easy macro:
/tar mal
/castsequence reset=target Flame Spike, Flame Spike, Engulf in Flames

Simply spam this and you are sure to spit out some big numbers once the debuff starts stacking.
If you are using the standard World of Warcraft UI, just use the spells manually (2x flame spike followed by engulf in flames).

Eventually Malygos will target you with his beam. In some cases it will ruin your rotation, but if timed correctly you can keep it up by casting 1x flame spike and then your shield. Preserving some energy helps but requires some practice Once your shield is active cast 1x flame spike, engulf in flames and then 2x flame spikes followed by engulf in flames again, like normal.

This is just an example. If done correctly you can easilly beat this dps. I challange you

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