Thursday, March 5

Solo Heigan the Unclean with WoW Infinity as any ranged class.

OK first of all you need to buy Wow infinity obviously. This is pretty easy but requires some patience. For this I used [ALT + SHIFT + 3 = 300 % Speed] and [Num 2 - Enables/Disables SuperFly], I only had [Num 1 - Enables/Disables NoClip] turned on to get to Heigan i turned it off once i arrived. This is very simple all you need to do is stay half way up in the room and kite heigan around the whole room till his 2nd phase which all you have to do is stay high enough in the air that you don't die during the safety dance stage and you can just spam spells at him. After the safety dance stage be sure to move you ass straight away once he starts moving and kite again. " title="YouTube - Soloing Heigan the Unclean with WoW Infinity (NAXX 10)" target="_blank">YouTube - Soloing Heigan the Unclean with WoW Infinity (NAXX 10) This video has been flagged with [This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The audio has been disabled.] I'm currently adding some shitty free music to it from but the music isn't all that important imo. Enjoy your easy epics!

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