Friday, March 27

Solo Farming Rare Mounts for Alts

Those of you that are fortunate enough to have some of the old rare (ZG, Kara etc) raid mounts can use that toon to farm them for your alts as well. Keep in mind that this (as of now) requires some form of tanking class to do the hard work, and preferably some sort of dps class alt that will be collecting. In this case the paladin tank seen here

And the rogue alt seen here

I attempted to keep the first and last letters of both toons exposed for legitimacy purposes.

How this works is you get the two toons in the same raid group by inviting a third party member that can invite both the toons. (by logging off one and on to the other of course) My pic shows an offline third member I have on another account. Proceed with the solo boss killing as normal until a relatively low amount of health, or whatever your dps alt toon can handle solo. In my case I heal to full, cast divine shield and Alt-F4 to close the game, then immediately restart WoW and log onto the alt. What happens is I'll log into the game with the tank still holding aggro on the boss. From there its simple nuke as fast as possible until the boss is dead and collect the loot.

Heres a pic of the attumen kill for Midnight.

It may take some getting used to in regards to how soon to log out, but with the pally I've found 30-40k to be sufficient, may be much lower for clothie alts. Enjoy!

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