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WoW Herbalism Routes - Good money

I am usually using 3 Different Zones. Since i currently am scanning the AH i only have one Route for you. The Wintergrasp one. Also known as the "Frost Lotus Heaven".
One Frost lotus sells for about 29g on my Realm. The chances to get 1-3 Frost Lotus spawns are really high! Sometimes you might get None, but sometimes you get a lot.
On the WG Route you can herb everything. Lichbloom,Goldclover,Talandra's Rose, Icethorn & Frost Lotus. The herbs which sell best are Lichbloom,Icethorn&Frost lotus, since they are used by alchemists to make Flasks. My best run with this route was 4 Full stacks(Different Herbs e.a 12 Lichbloom, 8 Talandra's Rose, ...)

Well, i dont really like walls of text so im just going to post the Route for WG!

You may start at the Black Dot on the map.

Below you will see Three different routes, due to waaaaaaaaaay too many herbs in the Storm Peaks. Here you will mostly find Lichblooms & Icethorn. Sometimes you might hit into a Frost Lotus.

Start with the Southern Route, go on with the Western One and finish it with the Eastern Route.

Usually i am starting with the Fire Leaf route and then going on to the Wintergrasp one, when im done with WG im already on my way flying to Storm Peak.

I am adding 3 more "Ontheside" Routes, for days which you ain't that lucky with Herbs.

Grizzly Hills

Howling Fjord


Im doing all the above posted routes about 3 times a day, 2hours break between them=> Finish all the routes, wait for 2 hours, sometimes even 3, no problem. Herb again, and repeat. Dont put the Herbs on the Auction House right after you got them, Put them on the AH at night. So you can rule the Herbs on AH, everyone will have to orient after your prices. And please, scan the AH before you put them up

Hope you like it =)

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