Saturday, March 21

World of Warcraft Fishing trick: low level fishing and cooking spot

The dock by Rut'theran Village in Teldrassil has a very-very good drop rate of Slitherskin Mackerels. These are good for quick leveling up to about 80 or so in fishing. This is not a PvP area so there are no mobs or horde to gank you.

Next to the dock is Nessa Shadowsong (56, 92). She sells the recipe to cook the Slitherskins (level 1 cooking) as well as the recipe for Rainbow Fin Albecore (lvl 50 cooking). She also sells fishing poles, and bait.

Slitherskins are fairly easy to catch even at low levels. At the dock and the banks close to the dock, they also seem to bite fairly fast. I get a lot of bites before the timer goes half way, and it is extremely rare for the timer to go off without a bite. Since the drop rate is almost 100% for Slitherskins and the rate is fast, you level fast as it is almost a fish a cast.

Then take your stack of Slitherskins and cook them to level up your cooking!

Of course if you have a bot you can run this post is meaningless, but if your botting is on hold, like mine is, you may find this very helpful

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