Wednesday, March 18

WoW Trick: almost 1k gold/hr fishing/cooking

Found This when fishing. The place where you go is in borean thundra:

Follow this around the lake:

You'll be fishing mussleback sculpin's. Each run around the lake takes me about 10 minutes and i get 20 musslebacks with each run(+ you get pretty many crates aswell). Cook them into Grilled Sculpins. Grilled sculpins sell 160g per 20 in ah!

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Anonymous said...

Can you please post which server you are on? All of your gold techniques are way off! From golden pearls to fish you claims are inflated by over 200%. While I certainly enjoy the website, I have yet to find many of these strats applicable to my server. When you state something sells for 300 Gold, it's typicaly 10-20 Gold on my server.

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