Sunday, March 22

World of Warcraft Trick: Horse-Vehicle that Doesn't Dismount!

Horde have a counterpart quest. Ill research this and then change this post When I find out what and how it works.
Okay you get the vehicle through the quest Mounting Up - Quest - World of Warcraft "Mounting Up"You get it from Squire Percy - NPC - World of Warcraft "Squire Percy" at the Westfall Brigade Encampment in the Grizzly Hills... What you do is go get a Wild Carrot around where the horses are running, only about 30 yards away near the yellow colored ground. Equip the stick and then once you have a carrot in your inventory capture a horse. This horse is a vehicle and can do quite a lot! It has epic mount speed. and has the following abilities.

It can swim!

It can go inside buildings!

Doesnt dismount when stunned!

And it can attack... The picture wont upload of that one. But it has the damage of a slow hitting rogue. If your about to die in mid fight...Run away at epic mount speed. As far as i know it will not dismount unless you want it to... but i only had enough of a intention span to do it for a good thirty minutes.

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