Monday, March 23

WoW Trick: Stun ANY npc in the game (including bosses) for 5 secs as a Warlock

This bug allows you to stun any npc in the game for 5 seconds, with no diminishing returns, and infinite range. You can interrupt uninterruptable boss casts, and who knows how this will effect certain NPCs. I didn't do extensive testing on players, but I could not get it to work on them. Theoretically 2 or 3 warlocks could stunlock a boss from 100% to 0.

  • 1.) Make a macro "/script PetDismiss()"

  • 2.) Target whatever npc it is that you want to stun (even friendly NPCs, or peoples mammoths!)

  • 3.) Dismiss your pet using the macro, and IMMEDIATELY start summoning your imp, timing is key here, and it can be difficult to master. Make sure phase shift is turned off if you're doing imp -> imp. I guarantee you will not get it your first try. THIS MUST BE 2 SEPERATE KEYS, you cannot make a single macro to dismiss and summon because it will not work.

  • 4.) If all went well, you should now be summoning your imp again while whatever you were targetting is stunned!

Good luck!

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