Wednesday, April 29

World of Warcraft exploit: start in enemy arena prep room and more

so i was fooling around with the settings a bit when i was in arena and i found out a gamebreaking AMAZING exploit that i've done a bit of research into and found out quite a few things, since it's only been a few hours since i discovered it i havn't had time to try all the possibilites with it yet ( just had alot of fun in arena so far ) So anyway this exploit allows you to for instance Start at the enemy preparation room in dalaran arena or nagrand or lorderon ( so fall in BEM i only fall trought the floor ) and tried putting my Hearthstone in a different location and this got prevented. How to do it? I discovered this by accident so when i was doing it i was turning of chat bubbles and accidently exited the game. Then i tried recreate the situation with a friend and it worked FLAWLESSLY for him aswell
  • 1.) make sure your hs is set to the dalaran inn in the "center" (horde inn also works but does a minor difference to where you gets placed in BEM arena )
  • 2.) signup for any type of arena
  • 3.) play until you get orgrimmar arena
  • 4.) on the elevator before it starts moving, disable party chat bubbles ( pretty sure this step isn't needed but i havn't tried without so far
  • 5.) as soon as the elevator starts moving you press exit game or simply just logout to char screen and log back in now updated and confirmed
  • 6.) log back in to the same char you just exited from arena
Now you are all set, you should be in some kind of bugged state where for example using normal instance teleports bring you to random places and portals to capitals also sends you to random places. This seems to react to where your hs is placed currently and i managed to get out of the map completely once but didn't try it too much ( imagine the possibilties ) Proof? i took lots of pictures and frapsed alot of it, here are some pics This picture below displays what will happen if you have ur Hearthstone in the middle of dalaran inn, and if you have it at Horde inn you fall down aswell instantly but a bit more to the right, i tried putting my Hs in K3 and i didnt fall trought the ground. OH AND BTW, if you are wondering why the enemies aren't shown it's because we are hidden to eachother until the game starts, as soon as the gate opens they just pop in my face and i can pounce stun anyone even stealthed unsuspecting rogues=) spent quite some time writing this thread and trying out the exploit so this is no bullshit, try it out yourself also it when doing arena it doesn't ALWAYS seem to send you to the enemy preparation room, it seemed to be around 40-60% chance of being there! Here is some movies on how it is done:

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