Saturday, April 18

WoW: Argent Tournament Bugs

The daily quests involve blowing up rocks and delivering flowers to the lady of the lake.

After blowing up a rock in the Storm Peaks fragments will appear on the ground nearby; you can pick them up irrespective of whether you were the one to destroy the boulder. That's fairly useful, since there are a LOT of 80s in the zone competing for the boulder spawns.

Also, the quest "A Worthy Weapon" involves going to the Icecrown dam and collecting 4 flowers and then delivering them to the lady of the lake in Dragonblight. Well that's a lot of travel time. Much faster is to go straight to the lake in Dragonblight; you can collect the weapon regardless of whether you deliver flowers or not. There are 80s coming in every minute to collect it for the daily, so there's practically no wait time.

have fun

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