Thursday, April 16

World of Warcraft Cheat: Lifebloom bug *nerfed*

Apparently when you right click it off atm it automaticly blooms.

I was told from multiple sources, if someone can confirm ( still dling patch )
this will be quite epic.

like seriously, 10k instant bloom on demand? hell yes, with the new lifebloom "nerf" here's a way to make it look like more of a buff insted.
Hell you could just chain cast and remove it.

instant 3k heals with this macro

/cast lifebloom
/cancelaura lifebloom

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9 kommentarer:

Anonymous said...

For me it is not working :-/.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure where to post this, but hopefully you read the comments. I have a very interesting exploit you may be interested in hearing. I'd rather not post it in the comments, as i'm not sure it would work, but is there an e-mail i can send it to? if there isn't, i'll just post it here, but i'd rather send it.

note: i just realized how spammer-ish this sounds o_O. You know what? here's the exploit:

Engineering items. as of 3.0.8 (i'm not sure if this was removed in 3.1), you obviously know that professions can be raised to any level from any level character. I'd like to draw your attention to items such as and There are other items like this with only an engineering requirement. No level requirement. GJ twinks! (i'm going to do this on a twink level 10 hastadin and a level 29 shaman healer, with spellpower ones)

sQren on 17 Apr 2009, 07:00:00 said...

kudos to you!
THanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This has been removed by blizzard shortly after they noticed it :(
Would have made a nice healing exploit

Anonymous said...

I'll let you know as soon as i test it out :).

Anonymous said...

sigh. they replaced the level requirements on leveling professions. Not sure what happened to people that already had their profs there, but... doesn't work. /sigh

Anonymous said...

"This has been removed by blizzard shortly after they noticed it :(
Would have made a nice healing exploit"

darn. Anyone know what happened to people who had profession levels of >150 but did not meet the level requirements?

Anonymous said...

oh wait, he was talking about lifebloom lol... cause what I mentioned was a good heali-.

shutting up now.

sQren on 18 Apr 2009, 11:33:00 said...

Thanks for all the feedback guys.
Testet it and testet it again. This is defently not working anymore.

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