Tuesday, April 14

WoW Cheat: Solo Netherspite as Death Knight

Cool little exploit for you soloing fanatics. Little profit can be got of this, but when youre bored and in a top end guild like me, you get nothing better to do
Watch VisciNether_SoloDK.wmv in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com Essentially, you throw netherspite back in a corner, far away from all the beams, tank and spank him like normal. When beams spawn, due to your distance you just stand in all 3 of their LoS and they will all go onto you. Now the tricky part: Pop DRW 45 seconds into the beam phase. This will cause your rune weapon to pop out, mimicking all your abilities. When you gain the exhausted debuff, your DRW casts it on netherspite as well, making him immune to being able to grab the next beams. Thus you just rinse and repeat. Watch the video if you do not understand the explanation.

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