Friday, April 10

WoW Hunter trick - Easy mana as Engineering hunter

Hello, I found this bug out while in Nexus :P In short: Now in steps 1. Wait for your raid to pull an AoE pack 2. Activate Viper 3. Throw a Saronite Bomb into the group 4. Be full mana If you aren't an Engineer you can try using the Ez-Thro Dynamite II - Item - World of Warcraft, this isn't tested tough

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Unknown on 10 Apr 2009, 18:31:00 said...

eeh.. Aspect of the viper gives you mana back depending on the damage you do so, obviously, if you AoE a group of mob you'll do multiple damage at the same time so you'll regenerate mana way faster then if you are damaging a single mob..

sQren on 11 Apr 2009, 01:01:00 said...

dude... THe 4 mana you get from Aspect of the viper dosen't eaven come close to this trick...

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