Thursday, May 21

Free Port near Dalaran - works best for druides

So if your a druid and your hearth is down there is a easy way to get to Dalaran. The quest chain starts here - A Tale of Valor - Quest - World of Warcraft Req. The Boon of Remulos - Quest - World of Warcraft Teleport Moonglade Spell A druid atleast level 78 Steps. 1. Teleport Moonglade 2. Goto The Shrine of Remulos 3. Abandon "The boon of Remulos" quest 4. Now pick up the quest again and a port will show up. 5. The port takes you to a place in icecrown which is like 5 seconds away from dalaran 6. Enjoy! notes. Do not finish "The boon of remulos" quest or you can no longer do this

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