Friday, May 22

Commander's Badge - Little bit useful on 80.

while you are questing to get a netherdrake, you will get some trinkets. With the "Commander's Badge", wich you get if you are revered with the Netherdrakes. If you use the trinket, you call a little drake, that helps you in combat. I've found out, that you can summon the drake and then switch it against another trinket - So you can summon it a second before entering the combat, then switching the badge against another useful trinket and the drake will help you a little time in combat. Maybe it is not very useful, but if this is done by all people in a group / raid, that can help a bit.I think that this is an exploit, because other items i've tested to switch after summoning an pet doesn't work like this - The pets are despawning after switching the item. As an example, you can test it with Don Carlo's famous hat (Don Carlos' Famous Hat) - If you switch it against another hat after summoning the coyote, it will go away. Some data about the drake from a german Item-Database-Site: - The drake lasts 40 seconds - makes 500-600 Damage with his casts, 200-300 with normal attacks - Has 5.600 HP

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