Monday, May 25

World of Warcraft trick: 1k Gold per Hour In Storm Peaks

Right lads, after oweing 800g to my GM, I made my way to Storm Peaks last night to make up the cash, when I legged it mid flight to pick up the phone (or something). After I got back I started killing the mobs that were under me at the time, turns out they have a really nice Relic of Ulduar drop (around 60 an hour for me) and what seems to be an unusually high drop chance of Books of Glyph Mastery (+-500g on my server) I managed to get 3 of these in an hour and 20 mins. There are 5 tents and dwarves spawn around them, it takes maybe 2 mins to clear the whole place on my pvp specced rogue, and they are constantly respawning to cover the losses. No downtime. Maybe this is my Luck of the Irish native racial comming alive AT LAST, but I would like some people to do some more extensive testing. I will certainly be farming this place over the week so I will let you know This is where it is, I urge you to keep it under your hat! Don't go flinging it about tradechat just yet.

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Unknown on 28 May 2009, 01:38:00 said...

I farmed it for a good hour. I got like 300-400gish?
No glyph books, but I got about 55 Ulduar marks and some greens.

Anonymous said...

It's just luck. Books drop from *any* 75+ mob on Northerend.

Anonymous said...

1k gold an hour seems really off if you are good geared you will have down time here expect to get about 400g an hour here wich is still decent but there are better ways to earn gold

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