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World of Warcraft trick: AFK yourself to Time-Lost Proto Drake

I recently got my Time-Lost Proto Drake (Pic above) and I thought I'd share with you the method I used to get it. It's easy and requires no work but just takes time.

First off some information. Time-Lost Proto Drake is one of three spawns in Storm Peaks. The other two are Vyragosa and Dirkee. Vyragosa is a blue dragon and Dirkee is a mechagnome. Dirkee has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the TLPD! Vyragosa on the other hand has a lot to do with him.

TLPD and Vyragosa share the same spawnpoints and flightpaths. They have 4 different paths/spawnpoints. From what is known TLPD is a rare spawn of a rare spawn. What this means is, every time Vyragosa is spawning, there is a small chance that TLPD will spawn instead of Vyragosa. The spawntime is believed to be from 6-12 hours since one of them was last killed. This means that after Vyra or TLPD has been killed none of them will spawn in 6 hours, and then during the next 6 hours one of them will spawn, but when it will spawn in those 6 hours is totally random. If you're unlucky you will see a lot of Vyragosas spawn instead of TLPD. There isn't a set ammount of TLPDs spawning in a week, it can be 0 or 10, it's all about luck. The week I got it it had already spawned 3 times before.

What you need:

1. This addon, NPCScan. Downloaded here: NPCScan : WoWInterface Downloads : Miscellaneous
2. Something else to do besides WoW, watch TV, play video games etc.
3. LOTS of patience.
(4. An autoclicker or something else to keep you from going AFK can be good, but not needed.)

How to do it:

Make sure you got the addon on and go park yourself somewhere in Storm Peaks where the drake can spawn. I recommend parking yourself at the frozen lake/waterfall part of Bor's Breath (around 30,65 somewhere). This spot is one of the best since 3 out of the 4 paths that Vyra/TLPD take goes through this spot. Also, one spawnpoint is right here. This is the flightpaths:

Now, what the addon does is whenever it finds a rare mob it will start making lots of loud noises and there will be a frame for you to select the mob. I recommend turning down the sound sliders in Esc->Sound, but keep the master volume slider maxed. Only turn down the three separate sliders below the master volume. I did this since hearing the constant flapping of wings from my mount makes me go insane. Also make sure the "Enable sound in background" box is checked.
You can try and see if you did it right and can still hear the addon by going into Esc->Interface->Addons->NPCScan and clicking the Test button there. Make sure you can hear the sound.

Now all you need to do is stand at this spot and you can do whatever else you want as long as you can hear the sound. You can also be tabbed out of WoW and do whatever you like. I was just tabbed onto internet or sitting at the TV next to the computer playing Guitar Hero.

Some general tips and info. Get some Snowfall Lager (Snowfall Lager - Item - World of Warcraft) if you're not a class that has a slow fall/immunity ability. I as a paladin didn't need it as I could just Divine Shield as I fell to the ground after pulling the drake.

The drake flies around 40-60 yards above the ground depending on where it is on it's path. Fly into it and aggro it and pull it down to the ground, or fly up, attack, snowfall lager and fall to the ground with it.

It only has 18900 health and is an easy fight for all classes. It can blink behind you and some stuff, but it's no problem.

It flies at around 60% speed so if you don't have epic flyer it might get away from you.

Patience is everything! It can take you 5 mins to get if you're lucky or 5 weeks if unlucky. Just try to camp your spot whenever you can and you'll get it eventually. It took me 2 weeks of camping around 8-12 hours a day to get it.

I hope my little guide helps you, good luck and happy hunting. The addon will alert you if it finds a rare mob. Just press a key on the computer sometimes to not get auto logged out, or just use something to keep you from going AFK.

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