Thursday, July 2

World of Warcraft Cehat: Complete a 5-man daily with only 2 people and no work.

This is something my friends and I have been using for some time.

It requires the following:
2 people with the quest - Neutralizing the Plague - Quest - World of Warcraft

This quest will require jumping somewhere to evade the mobs but it is unknown if it can be done with normal running speed atm.

So to be safe, make sure you have the enchant:Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality - Spell - World of Warcraft before starting. This enchant is the best for classes w/o passive run speed from talent, so it is not at all a waste of gold.

Anyways, first you have to go here to begin the quest:

Then you have to get onto this ledge here:


Then use your quest items. Easy ~22 gold without hardly any work! But remember, you need to have at least 1 person helping you.

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