Thursday, July 23

World of Warcraft Cheat: Infinite Respawn on Voltarus

First: Kill ~Withered Troll~ outside of the camp to get the ~Unliving Choker~ (about 10% chance). After that begin the quest chain: ~An Invitation, of Sorts... ~

Second: Do the chain until you get to: ~Infiltrating Voltarus (Quest)~. Enter Voltarus disguised as an Undead, go in front of ~Overlord Drakuru~. Here is where the actual explot begins. Just drop the disguise (Drakuru will not attack you) and start killing ~Blight Geist~ (you wont get more then 3-4 adds) over and over till your are done. If somehow they dont spawn just use the ~Enscrolled Choker~ you got from early, and, voyla, they will magically spawn.

This little guys drop an awful lot of ~Frostwaeve Cloth~, least for me, are easy to kill (with my lowly DK).

I did it with my 77 death knight and I killed them really quick BUT there was no downtime, as I was killing them they just spawned up again before the last one was dead. Also if you want, you can group up with two other people and ahve them do the other two sections which should be some GREAT exp.

While I was alone doing one section I was getting upwards of 350k+ exp non rested. Best part, is for his most people can access that area where you talk to drakuru, but you have to be at the end of the questline for him to teleport you up there where you fight him. You can also just fly up there but most people in Zul'drak might not be even able to fly meaning there is less of a chance people are going to be doing the same thing.

Here is the area that is ontop of Voltarus. I was incorrect and ther are acually four seconds that have the geists in them, I think you'll be able to identify them. You can fly up here which is the easiest or you can get ported up here with the questline but thats kinda tricky because when you do, four trolls spawn at each altar type of thing where the geists aren't. They won't aggro you but they are kinda annoying as thats where you would go if you wanted to take a quick break.

While up there its pretty self explainatory, just go into one of the four secotions with the geist and begin your murdering spree. Like I said I was on my DK and they were spawning as I was killing them even though I was AoEing them.
BTW if someone does come up to do the quest,

-Here is a screenshot of it-

As you can see, you won't be disturbed as the trolls didn't aggro on to me, although you won't be able to go to the altars where they spawn if you want to rest up or something if you can't keep yourself up like a death knight can ro your not a healing class. Its a really good spot.

Here is a screenshot of what I did after just 10 minutes in here. Mind I was looting as I was killing so half or more probably despawned after I had looted them.

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