Sunday, July 26

World of Warcraft cheat: Super Fast XP and Gold

There are giests in Voltaris and they respawn REALLY fast. Well, guess what! You can park yourself right under one of the canopies, and murder them for hours for free xp!

Check back with it every few minutes, and you can loot all the corpses to boot! Of course if one were to automate that process, who knows how long it could run, and how much money you could make.

Mobs are 74-75. Its an insane Leveling and farming spot.
Voltaris is in Zul'Drak btw, map - Its in the middle left of the map.

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Anonymous said...

I can't speak for XP, but money is not great. 15-35s per. Yes, thats times a million mobs over time, but they spawn so fast that it actually becomes hard to loot.

Also, be careful if somone starts the quest up there; you get poison damage.

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