Monday, July 6

World of Warcraft Exploit: Having 5 JC gems equiped

Alright this is a very clumsy exploit on how to get another +22 stats (str for example) if your a JC and a Blacksmith.
This exploit is really intended for those incredible min-maxers in fully BiS gear who do
not mind spending ~3k to get 22 more stats, here goes the exploit.

1. You get BS/JC upto 400 so you can craft epic dragonseyes and enchant your bracers/gloves with an extra socket.

2. You put 1 dragonseye into your extra bracer and one into your extra glove slot and one in another third slot.

3. You drop BS, your bracer/gloves will have the extra gem slot but it will be red because you donot have 400 BS anymore

4. Equip two more dragonseyes into other gem slots, because the ones in the BS slots don't count anymore so you have, according to the game still 3 gems equiped

5. Relevel BS to full, this will reactivate your slots, thus reactivating those gems aswell

6. You cannot unequip the weapons/armor pieces gemmed with those dragonseyes because you cannot reequip them afterwards

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