Monday, July 6

Cyclone tricks

Cyclone is quite a unique CC as it can only be trinketed (you cant bubble/iceblock it), and it blocks incoming mana and health gains. And a few other things.

This is what I consider the exploit, you can cyclone a warlock pet and the warlock will loose soul link, very useful if you have something like a warrior on your team and you want to blade storm a warlock, warlocks being the most squishy class in the game already they will recieve 30% more dmg for a devastating bladestorm.

You can also cyclone heals, you dps a target while ccing his healer, then you cyclone the target and the healer will pop a healing cooldown usually on the target, but it will be wasted. You can also cyclone lifeblooms in the last second and prevent 10k burst heal.

You can also cyclone other druids when they use innervate, (NS cyclone works well). Works for those annoying prot pally healers too and their plea. (try to get them at a few seconds left on it, or they will just refresh it)

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