Monday, July 6

WOW Guide: How to Link Customized Items

- First go and find the lootlink add-on online. You can do a simple google search to find it.
- Take the add-on you have and put it in your WOW add-ons folder. AKA the same thing you do with most add-ons.
- Log into your World of Warcraft account.
- Select your plug-in and make sure its active via your character add-ons button area
- Select and item you want to look link.
- Log off and close wow.
- Go to your world of Warcraft file and find WTF/Account.
- Go into there and find something called saved variables
- In there find looklink.lua.
- Use notepad and put this file into notepad.
- IN the notepad you will see lots of arrows giving you information on the item.
- Use that area to change the names to anything you want to pick
- Save the notepad file.
- Log into your WOW Account.
- Type /11
- Your item will have its name changed
- You can now link this to anyone you want in the game.
- Enjoy this little bug and use it wisely.

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