Monday, July 27

WoW AFK Lvling ALL Weapon Skill in SM.

In sm cath, you can bug High Inquisitor Whitemane by killing Scarlet Commander Mograine out of her LoS before you damage her to the point where she resses Mograine. Now, since you killed Mograine out of her LoS, she gets confused, and just walks up and down in a short path allowing you to hit her while afk.

Heres how i do it:

Step 1.

Pull Scarlet Commander Mograine to the spot in the SS.
Then kill him.

Step 2.

Damage High Inquisitor Whitemane to the point where she will ressurect Mograine inside the cathedral. She will then cast Deep Sleep and try to resurrect Mograine. But since she cant find Mograine, she will just walk around.

Step 3.

AFK and lvl weapon skill.

Heres an SS of it working. (High Inquisitor is running around trying to find Mograine)

PS. i know i had less exp in the second screenshot. I took the screenshots in 2 different runs.

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