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Soloing Elementium Ore (Thunderfury material) for money or legendary

This method involves a small amount of preperation and exploiting trash mobs, we will be killing different and multiple mobs, this method allows for:

  • Much higher chances of Elementium ore dropping (wowhead reports 15% per mob that can be reset instantly as opposed to the other method's 3% per mob on a 30 minute reset timer).

  • The enemies we are killing come in a pack, meaning chances of getting ore and the speed at which ore is obtained is increased yet again.

However this method is hard, it involves a larger risk factor and may be gear and skill dependant, this won't be easy however if you can do this method it should be more rewarding.

Why should I farm Elementium ?

Elementium is a material needed to craft the Legendary Thunderfury, it is only obtainable by killing BlackWing Techcians - about 15% chance (which we will solo) and a named goblin that respawns every soft reset called Master Elemental Shaper Krixix - about 3% chance (which you can solo with the other guide linked above).

Elementium sells high to those crafting Thunderfury, if you can put it into bar form, this can be sold for 1000g a bar, which consists of one Elementium ore, a Fiery Core, 10 Arcanite Bars and 45g worth of vendor items. You can usually transmute an Arcane Crystal and one Thorium bar to an arcanite bar for much cheaper crafting, I usually spend about 230g to craft a bar however I find these sell much easier and better than the ores which fetch about 400g.

The Method

We will be farming groups of BlackWing Techcians: Blackwing Technician - NPC - World of Warcraft

Firstly, you need to have completed BlackWingLair UP TO Firemaw, this means NOT killing him; the idea is to arrange a bad raid and wipe / disband on firemaw before your raid can kill the trash mobs after the third boss.

I suggest your raid consists of about 25 55's to 75's, with just 1 or 2 healers around the 70 mark, you may want to take a 80 tank to make sure things so smoothly up to Firemaw, but with a group that isn't completely overgearing and overleveled for this instance, Firemaw should easily wipe the raid with his shadowflame and stacking debuffs.

Now I'll assume the raid disbanded and your the only one left in the instance now, time to get cracking! The exploit we will be using allows us to kill a pack of goblins infinately, we will reset the pack and farm the same goblins over and over.

Warning:If you kill every goblin in a pack, the instance will no longer respawn goblins after leaving the instance for 30 minutes.

Simply kill as many goblins as you can (be sure to leave one alive) and then run out of instance, run back in and loot the goblins for your Elementium, the pack will fully respawn every time! You can jump off the 3 sets of cliffs in BWL in order to gain range and heal / escape from the adds which will allow you to kill more goblins if your a squishy.

If you do kill every goblin in a pack by accident, the instance will keep respawning goblins until a soft reset, once the timer expires; all goblins will no longer respawn so I suggest you make the most of it by going in and out of the instance to farm as much as you can.

Ensure you keep moving as then the goblin's attacks will not hit you, you'll only be damaged by the dragons and the warlocks / felguards, be wary as the dragons can slow you with a magical debuff thunderclap and the felguards have a slowing blast wave, you will take a lot of damage after being slowed down by these as the goblins will become accurate while your not moving.

This will be harder for none tanking classes, for DPS classes and healers I suggest you kill one or two goblins then jump down the ledge and wait for the mobs to come at the side of the next ledge, kill 1 or two more then jump down again, do the same with the third ledge etc until you are satisified with your kills.

Soloing the Smelt Elementium Recipe

For those interested in maximizing their profit gains using this method, I highly suggest you get a miner the recipe to smelt Elementium as the bars fetch a much higher price; to get this you can chose to get a group and clear the rest of BWL then come back after a soft reset to kill him or you can follow this route that by passes all adds and bosses from which you can quickly burn him down.

Safe Spot 1: Run into the cove to your left and let firemaw pass, he has a large aggro range so you will have to stand close to the adds here.

Next move to this location quickly as Firemaw will come back fast:

From this area we can see our target, however Firemaw will engage you shortly, we will take the ledge on the right and run up near the two other dragons, dont' worry they have low aggro ranges.

Safe Spot 2: This ledge you can ilde for half an hour if you want, the dragons sometimes go down the ledge and back up again, but from this area you are completely safe to any incoming bosses, take your time then nuke the hell of Krixix, he only has 10k HP so he's an easy kill.

I hope this helps anyone who is farming for Thunderfury or wants to use this money to obtain gold, I have obtained up to 6 Elementium ore an hour using this method, running in and out; sometimes I get 0 ore. Overall I get around 3-4 ore an hour using this technique killing all but one goblin Elementium bars will not sell right away, as only those crafting Thunderfury will want them, however they usually sell within a day of listing for 1000g.

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