Saturday, August 8

Easy Win In Mounted Duel In Argent Tournament

Well, my stats weren't too good :( I guess for every win, I had to fight at least 10 duels. So at first, I asked my son for advice. Next I went to YouTube to watch and try all the tricks out there.

Some said you could just use 2-3-4 button at the same time (break shield, charge and shield); others had other tricks. But none of them worked for me.

Then I found this video that told me several tricks:

  • Start from behind, and use break shield

  • Run in circles around the NPC

  • Use Break shield as often as you can, and close in upon the NPC, and use your lanse (1)

Rinse and repeat!

This worked for me as well.

Here's the video in question:

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