Sunday, August 9

Make LOTS of gold with trading over faction

As some of you, probably not everyone know - Blizzard made it possible to create characters of BOTH factions on PVP servers in patch 3.2. This means that you can have BOTH Horde and Alliance characters on the same server.

Does it ring any bells yet?

This opens a big opportunity to make some big and FAST gold.

It's as simple as buying cheaper items on one side and then resell them for more on the other one. Just check the AH for the right things to buy n' sell.

Use the neutral AH for trading over items and gold - since you are NOT able to mail stuff to the other faction. You loose 15%-20% (don't know exactly how much) since the AH cut. But on MANY servers the difference of values on items is BIG!

For an example I bought 10 on those new epic gems for 400g each and resold em' on opposite faction for 850g each. So enjoy while it lasts - before everyone else figures this out!

Enjoy !

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Anonymous said...

You can't sell items to your own account. It doesn't matter if your a different race or fraction.

Already fixed this in the 1.1 patch or somting. Since the Normal (PVE) server already could make a horde and a alliance character.

What you do is work togetter with some one you trust, and set the items realy cheap on ah.. for like 1s. Make sure your m8 is on teamspeak, or skype or somting, en tell him when you posted the item. The other friend on the oppite site buy's them asap. and you dont lose the 15% actioncute.

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