Sunday, September 13

730k EXP/Hour (Instant respawns)

In Zul'Drak the area called "Voltarus" in the western area of the zone has the big floating building with Drakuru inside it. At the very end of the chain you end up MCing his zombie blight things and fighting him with them.

There are little areas to the sides of the four elite monsters, each containing three mobs called "blight geist."

If you attack the mobs while the event is going on, you are subject to a 1200/tick dot which is all over the floor where the mobs spawn. However, when the event is not in process, the damage does NOT occur, and the geists instantly respawn.

They're level 74-75 and give full EXP per kill, and are subject to EXP gains due to Bind To Account gear. At level 78, I was gaining 1800-1950 exp per kill rested, with an instant respawn rate. On an elemental shaman, I had zero down time and literally no time to even loot the corpses due to the ridiculous respawn rate(although there is decent loot on each mob. Greens, 15-25s per mob, drakkari offerings, cloth etc)

Here's a picture of the EXP gains I had during the session:

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Anonymous said...

They added a poison there doesnt work you get owned

Anonymous said...

Confirmed! its still there and working like a charm, go here before the quest chain, NOT DURING THE QUEST. the mob respawn after 2seconds, there are 3 mobs on each quarter. Its on top of Voltarus.

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