Tuesday, September 8

Probably the best way to grind gold.

I have managed to make 1100 G/H this way. This is server depended, as epic gems are 50g or less on some servers.

REQ: Level 71+, opposite faction friends.
PLACE: Wintergrasp

Now, when you kill some1 in WG as a level 80 I get around 40 honor, and when I loot their corpse I get approx 1g.

  • 1. Wait for WG to end.

  • 2. Get your opposite faction friends and make them go naked and sit next to a spirit resser.

  • 3. Kill them and loot their corpses, so if we say you got 5 friends, you get 5g + 200 honor off them every 30 seconds (Ress time is 30 seconds)

  • PROFIT: 5g + 200 honor per 30 sec, 10g + 400 HP per minute, 600G + 24000 HP per hour, 1200G + 50k HP per 2 hours = 1200G + 5 Epic Gems (Around 1k gold) = 2200G per 2 hours = 1100G per hour.

    HF Grinding.

    PS: 10k honor points = 1 Epic Gem

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    Anonymous said...

    Does this not suffer from diminishing returns? I've just come back to the game after a short off period and thought something like this would only be effective for the first few kills?

    Billybob said...

    nice idea but i still prefer my idea.

    1 reason is beacuse i made my gold to get my mammoth in 2 days.

    2 I spent 19 hours a day within those 2 days grinding gold... i dont think my mate would want to stay on that long xD.

    3 You have to have a mate on the other side of the faction... bit annoying if your already level 80

    so nice idea but i still like mine :P

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