Saturday, September 19

How to make your Argent Squire to do whatever you do, wherever and whenever you want.

Hey folks. Found out this today when i did some arena with my mate (it didn't go good at all for those who wanna know..). Anyways i found how to make your Argent Squire to do whatever you want, of the things you can use him for when he gets the Pony..

Preparement (Skip these steps if you got the Argent Squire Pony:
Get Exalted Champion of The Alliance (Champion with all cities + Exalted with them)
Get 150 Champions seals and buy the Argent Squire Pony.

Get use of your "slave". Okay, now if you got exalted bla,bla with everything you can select one of three things that your Argent Squire can do for you.

1. Open your bank
2. Open your mailbox
3. Open a Vendor

Once you selected one you can't choose another for the next coming four hours due your "slave" got kicked from hes work. But it's a little trick of how to kick him up and get him back to work!

Simply /w a guildie, friend, random guy whatever and tell him to join Skirmish 2vs2. He can hide it if he wants to, however you join it. When you spawned in the arena. Call for your Argent Squire and now you should be able to select a new work that he can do. Select what you want him be able to do. Then leave the skirmish.

To make it clear.. this takes away the 4hours cd he normaly got and you can choose a new work for him whenever you want. This is also possible to make wherever you are, you can be somewhere in Silithus and /w a guy in Dalaran and he'll join Skirmish.

Rince and repeat if you want bank, mailbox, vendor.

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