Saturday, September 19

Sex change on Pirate's Day!

As you know, today, the 19th of September, it's Pirate's Day!
You can go to any of the capital cities (not the sanctuaries) and ask a commoner for a pirate costume. When the commoner puts this costume buff on you, it will preserve the sex you are appearing as, but the race will be the one you actually are.
As a male night elf, I would like to become a female night elf.
I go to Stormwind, and buy/create some Pygmy Oil. I drink it until I become a female pygmy gnome.
Now, if I don't like being a gnome, I can ask the Human Commoners in Stormwind to give me a pirate costume. This will make me a night elf female with a pirate costume

1. Use one of the many sex change methods, like using an Iron boot flask (female to male) or pygmy oil to change your sex. You can test if it works if you have the Matron/Patron title, which will change.
2. Ask a commoner in a capital city for a pirate's costume.
3. ?????
4. You are now your original race, but as the opposite sex and with a pirate's costume.

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