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Guide for the title "the insane"

First of all, a list of what you have to do:

Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers (Honored)
Exalted with Everlook (Exalted)
Exalted with Ratchet (Exalted)
Exalted with Ravenholdt (Exalted)
Exalted with Booty Bay (Exalted)
Exalted with Gadgetzan (Exalted)
Exalted with Darkmoon Faire (Exalted
Exalted with Shen'dralar (Exalted)

In former times it seems as if you need to be exalted woth the Steamwheedle cartell while being honored with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. This is no longer the case
You can do this in two ways: Over a longer period of time like I did ( about 3 months) or very fast. When you do it slow, you can earn very good money, if you do it fast you will need a great amount to buy all the things you need. I'
ll describe the slow way.

Check the Auction House whenever you can for those things:

Pristine Black Diamond
Libram of Focus
Libram of Protection
Libram of Rapidity

and every Darkmoon Deck that is kind of cheap.
Set a maximum price for yourself for those Items and buy them whenever they are cheaper or at this price

By the time I started with the Achievement, I was revered and honored with the Steamwheedle fractions so I decided to push them to exalted first. If you are a perfectionist and want to have them on exalted while being honored (or higher) with the Bloodsails, start with the pirates first.

Steamwheedle Cartel

As I've said before, I started with them, but you don't have to. There are two ways of farming them to exalted.

The first way is to do Dire Maul runs (North) to get the Goblin Skackle Key. This key drops randomly from all Ogers. Sometimes you'll have luck and it drops from the first Mob, sometimes you'll clear the whole Instance and non drops it. If you get it, run to the Goblin and complete the Quest Free Knot!. This will reward you with 350 reputation for the whole Cartell.

Sometimes you'll have luck and one of those Librams will drop. You have two options then: Firstly, you have the Mats for the Librams all the time with you ( I will list them later on) and instantly turn it in or you just teleport out of the Instance and put it on a Guild Bank (you can deposit there as much as you want, regardless of the "unique" or you send it to an Alt.

Depending on when the Libram drops I recommend the porting. As I've said, I did it slow, so I used this teleporting to sell all the stuff I've collected, put Runecloth in the AH etc. Also, doing this is kind of dull. Teleporting out and taking a break is always nice. But I know many that just farmed the Libramstuff before and just took it with them to turn them in. You have to decide.
If you want, you can also do a second quest: The Gordok Ogre Suit
At the first time It'll give 250 rep, after that 75 every turn in. I recommend doing this at least one time for the great rep, after that it depends.

Do not forget to loot the little Crate that Knot spawns if you free him! There you can find the leather needed for this quest and other nice things you can sell on the AH. Sometimes even nice epic recipes! They still sell on the AH for nice money!

The second way: Farming Mobs, for example the Pirates unter Ratchet. This way is slightly faster, but you'll get no Librams or Pristine Black Diamonds while farming there, so I don't recommend that.


For this, you need an Rogue alt, a good friend that plays a rogue or LOTS of money.
I, for one, leveled a Rogue for this, you only need about lvl 56.

But first things first. You start at neutral with them and there is only one way to get them to exalted.

Start off grinding the Mobs at Durnholde. They give 5 rep per mob and you can do this until 11999/12000 Honored. After that you need a Rogue to pickpocket Heavy Junkboxes for you.
If you have a lvl 80 rogue you can go to LBRS and just farm the hell out of the mobs. Just stealth around and pickpocket everything. You will need 1400 of them. If you do it like me, lvl until 56, then go to the Eastern Plaguelands and farm in Tyrs Hand. It's most of the time empty there and you can get up to 55 boxes /h.

Also, a little tip:Open the boxes and loot everything but ONE thing, for example the Poisons that are often in there. It doesn't matter for the NPC if the box is open or if there is no money in there. Just one thing must be inside! I even found an epic dagger one time in there, so it can really be worth it!

For this, you'll need much luck and money. You start at neutral. If you haven't alreaedy done the quests for this faction, do them!

The second Quest is a classquest from a Item that drops in Diremaul. You should find at least one while doing your "Free Knot" runs.

If you're Alliance, you also have to do this Quest:Elven Legends as a Horde this one: Elven Legends. Every "new" Char has to do that. Without this Quest you can't turn in the Librams.

After this, you have do turn in about 84 of the Librams. I will list the Items you need for the Librams, but since they only drop in Dire Maul, you can only hope that there are many in the AH or farm them.

Libram of Protection:
2 Large Brilliant Shard
1 Pristine Black Diamond
1 Frayed Abomination Stitching
Those Stitchings drop in Stratholme from the Abominations. Easy to farm.

Libram of Focus
1 Pristine Black Diamond
4 Large Brilliant Shard
2 Skin of Shadow
Farmable in Scholomance. I hated it!

Libram of Rapidity
1 Pristine Black Diamond
2 Large Brilliant Shard
2 Blood of Heroes

Happy farming. This faction really sucks

Darkmoon Faire

Since you've raiding the AH whenever possible, you should have a decent amount of Decks.
A Epic deck (regardless of the lvl, it can be a lvl 60 Deck) rewards 350 rep per turn in. I recommend them. Buy them cheap, resell them for profit! I made SO much money with that, I bought every deck up to 250g and resold them for 300- 500g ! But that method needs time and patience.

A rare and green Deck rewards 25 rep per turn in. Sell these things too! Not everyone lvls with Items you can buy for Emblems, so you can at least get a decent amount of the gold you've spent back.

If you are a inscriptionist: Lucky you! Just farm your ass off.
But before you turn in Decks, I recommend turning in one of those many Items,, for example Thorium Widgets or Armor Kits. There are many more, just look what is the easiest to get for you. You can get rep until the halfway of friendly, after that you NEED the Decks.

Bloodsail Buccaneers

This is the easiest one. Just go to Booty Bay and kill everything. RAMPAGE. With a group of a few persons, this is easy doable in a few hours.

I hope you like my guide, if I forgot something just say it and I'll add it. Also, remember: You don't need to do it in this order, its just the order in which I did it.

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Anonymous said...

If you do Bloodsail reputation after Steamwheedle rep, then you will not be able to enter Goblin towns without being attacked by guards, like Gadgetzan. Therefore, do Bloodsail first.
I have the title 'the Insane'.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of Glamdringg from the guild Going Postal did not write this guide. Since thats me.
Sincerly Glamdringg

Anonymous said...

I am the real Glamdringg from Going Postal and I approve of this message.

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