If for some reason you're feeling malicious and want the people in GS to fail the headless horseman event, but your "fail" button broke, have no fear.

First, you get on the roof of the inn. Choose your favorite method.
In case you're lame and don't know ANY methods of getting on top of the inn, first you

Then you jump up and

Then jump up again. Tada! you're on the roof.

Now, all you have to do is wait around until the headless horseman comes. When he sets the buildings on fire, simply stand near one of the patches of fire. You'll absorb all the buckets people throw at you.

I did this for over two hours now with an Guest Account on the roof of the Goldshire Inn, and i found a way to totally mess it up.

Tip1: You cant do that very long with an lvl1 Char because you get fire damage and that kills you very fast with lvl1, but there is an place on the roof of the Goldshire INN you get no fire damage, but still all the buckets!

Tip2: Get you inventory filled so there is no place for any bucket!
So its Possible to absorb infinite buckets!

Tip3: Tell other Players how to get up there when they ask you, that makes you less noticeable.

Tip3: Other Players arent that dumb, they notice after a few failed events whats going on, so as soon as you get whispered with something like: "OMG go get away you *******!!", you can say that the players on your server are semi intelligent.

edit: forgot to mention that you cant get up there with a gnome (to small, doesnt get stuck) I rezzed the Gnome with my priest who was on the roof top, my gnome was killed by the fireballs from the horseman :>

So here are two pics of the spot i found:

Get on the wood and slowly walk back, so you stand infront of the roof tiles.

Hope ya have fun to annoy all other players.

P.S: After three hours of doing this, it started to get overcrowded in Goldshire. My little gnome absorbed around ten buckets per second.

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