Monday, October 26

preview the upcoming Cataclysm race/class additions BEFORE they come out

You can NOW preview the upcoming Cataclysm race/class additions BEFORE they come out!

This exploit shows you how to change your model to any race or sex that is available for a character at this moment, below is a video showing exactly how to do this.

THIS WORKS ON ALL COMPUTERS. If you can't get it to work, you're not doing it right. Try the method below.

AutoIt script: Download
AutoIt software: Download

How To:
  • Log in on alt.
  • Log off.
  • SELECT Main (or w/e toon you're going to play on)
  • Mouse-over alt you just logged off.
  • At the SAME TIME: Hit Enter and Left Click
  • OR
  • Hold down left click then:
  • At the SAME TIME: Hit Enter and Release Left Click

  • No need to make a new toon every time you want to do this model edit method.
  • It DOES work with PREEXISTING toons.

  • Druid Shapeshifting reset the model.
  • It seems that this DOES reset from death in arena, but I'm not 100% sure.
  • Priest Dispersion DOES reset the model.
  • Any Costume (Halloween, Savory, Pygmy, etc) DOES reset the model.
  • All Rings of the Kirin Tor that can teleport the user to Dalaran DO reset the model.
  • EQUIPPED gear on the MODEL USED will transfer over to the CHARACTER USED.
  • Some emotes will not be heard properly by others/yourself.
  • Some animations (such as Cannibalize) will not properly work (usually you would get the nearest animation (in this case it would be as if you were looting a corpse)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • As such, unequip all gear before logging off, then you will get a blank character model (+undergarments) on your main toon so it will look normal.
  • Unequipping your gear and then re-equipping it will fix the gear model edit bug also
  • Whatever model is SWAPPED IN, size is kept. No resizing is done.
  • Race/Sex does not matter when model changing
  • Class/Race composition DOES NOT MATTER.
  • Death Does NOT model
  • Stealth Does NOT reset model

Model Swaps:
Tauren Rogue:
----------Draenei Rogue:--------Tauren Mage:--------BE Druid---------------Human Hunter-------Undead Hunter


Human Rogue
[W/shield]---NE Mage--------------Orc Mage------------Tauren Priest------------NE Lock-------------Human Shaman


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