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World of Warcraft Herbalism Power leveling Guide

The final gathering profession in World of Warcraft I will make a Power leveling guide for is herbalism. This profession is another highly popular choice with beginning players. There are dozens of herbs to farm from and players can often find them just about anywhere. The only problem of course is that the nodes can be just about anywhere, meaning that defining a clear path to get them is hard. While mining nodes tend to hug the mountains and thus the outside edges of most zones, herbalism nodes can appear anywhere you find grass, and sometimes not even that much.

Getting started with Herbalism is even easier than mining and skinning as well. All you need to do is find an herbalism trainer and start gathering. You don’t need a special knife or pick to do it and you will be given a “find herbs” ability to use in the field (though I recommend you download a more advanced GUI to uncover your nodes).

Basic Information
Use the following information in this Herbalism Power leveling Guide as a basis for your decision whether to choose Herbalism as your primary profession. Additional money making tips for this profession are available below as well.

Recommended Profession to Pair With:
  • Alchemy (for materials)
  • Skinning (for gold)
Herbalism has much fewer options in terms of your second profession. It is generally agreed that if you choose Herbalism you will also select Alchemy down the line. However, for those only seeking to make gold, you can pair your Herbalism up with Skinning or even Mining to collect even more materials even faster.

Alliance Trainers (1 - 300, Including Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan)
  • Alma Jainrose – Redrige Mountains
  • Brant Jasperbloom – Dustwallow Marsh
  • Cemorrhan – The Exodar
  • Cylania Rootstalker – Ashenvale
  • Firoden Mooncaller – Darnassus
  • Flora SIlverwind – Stranglethorn Vale
  • Herbalist Pomeroy – Elwynn Forest
  • Heur – Azuremyst Isle
  • Kali Healtouch – Loch Modan
  • Malorne Bladeleaf - Teldrassil
  • Malvor - Moonglade
  • Morae – Bloodmyst Isle
  • Reyna Stonebranch – Ironforge
  • Shylamir - Stormwind
  • Tannysa – Stormwind
  • Telurinon Moonshadow – Wetlands
  • Uma Bartulm – Dustwallow Marsh
Master Trainer (300 - 375)
  • Rorelein – Hellfire Peninsula
Grand Master Trainer (375 - 450)
  • Kirea Moondancer
  • Fayin Whisperleaf
  • Dorothy Egan
Horde Trainers (1 - 300, including Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan)
  • Angrun – Stranglethorn Vale
  • Aranae Venomblood – Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Botanist Nethera – Silvermoon City
  • Botanist Tynarriel – Eversong Woods
  • Faruza – Trisfal Glades
  • Flora Silverwind – Stranglethorn Vale
  • Jandi – Orgrimmar
  • Komin Winterhoof – Thunder Bluff
  • Malvor – Moonglade
  • Martha Alliestar – Undercity
  • Mishiki – Durotar
  • Ruw – Feralas
Master Trainer (300 - 375)
  • Ruak Stronghorn – Hellfire Peninsula
Grand Master Trainer (375 - 450)
  • Tansy Wildmane
  • Marjory Kains
Good Locations
Peaceblooms and the like are the earliest plants you can harvest (there is a complete list at mmOverload) but you will start making the real money when you get higher in level and can start harvesting more advanced plants such as the Plagueblooms that grow in Eastern and Western Plaguelands. In addition, you can find Plagueblooms in Felwood. You can sell these for as much as 8 gold per stack, making them a great choice for farming in this Herbalism Power leveling Guide.

Another great farming plant is Ghost Mushrooms. These will sell for as much as 25 gold a stack and are only located in select locations within the Hinterlands, but they are well worth your while if you can get to them alone without anyone else in the area.

In addition to hunting for Plagueblooms in Felwood, you can find Gromsblood and Dreamfoil which sell for 12 gold per stack – if you hunt all three of these together, you can net large sums of gold from Herbalism in Felwood.

When you reach Outland, your best bet will be the rare herbs in the end of the zone that can drop Fel Lotuses and Mana thistle. In Northrend, you are going to want to look out for the frozen herbs in places like Dragonblight – these will almost always allow you to boost your gold up as well as giving you an automatic skill up.

The Drawback of Herbalism
The only real problem with Herbalism is that while mining and skinning allow players to sell their goods to three separate professions each, Herbalists can only sell their wares to Alchemists. The plus side though is that most alchemists are upper level characters with plenty of gold to spare who will simply buy all of their ingredients directly, making it easier for you to make large sums of gold quickly without needing to worry about a drop off in demand.

Speed Leveling Herbalism from 1 - 450
To get started in Herbalism, you need only to visit your trainer and get your Apprentice Herbalism training completed. Once you have done this, you can travel to your starting locations, according to faction and race and start collecting.

Level 1 - 75
The first 75 Levels will be spent picking Silverleaf, Peacebloom and Earthroot in the following locations according to Race and Class:

  • Alliance: Elwynn Forest and Teldrassil
  • Horde: Mulgore, Durotar, and Trisfal Glades
You can also find these starting herbs in any of the other starting zones, such as Loch Modan, Westfall, and The Barrens, but you will find them in much smaller numbers in all of those zones. I recommend staying in these five zones to ensure you get your herbs as fast as possible.

Level 75 - 150
When you reach skill Level 75, return to your Herbalism Trainer and become a Journeyman Herbalist. You can now collect the intermediate level herbs and will travel to Westfall (for Alliance) or the Barrens (for Horde). Continue to collect the same herbs as above (Earthroot, Silverleaf, and Peacebloom), but also look for Mageroyal now.

When you reach skill Level 100, travel to Redridge Moutains (for Alliance) or Stonetalon Mountains (for Horde) and start collecting Bruiseweed until you reach skill Level 115. You will then travel to either Duskwood or the Northern Stonetalon mountains (either faction) and start looking for Kingsblood and Wild Steelbloom. Kingsblood will not be available until you reach Level 125, so make sure you do not miss a good opportunity because you think your level is too low.

Continue to look in this area for these two herbs until you reach Level 150.

Level 150 - 200
Now, return to your Herbalism trainer and become an Expert Herbalist. You can now go to the Swamp of Sorrows and start collecting new herbs. Continue farming Kingsblood and Wild Steelbloom until you are Level 160, then start looking for Fadeleaf. Harvest Fadeleaf until you reach level 180, then add Khadgar’s Whisker to your search patterns and continue in the Swamp of Sorrows until you are at Level 200 (205 is good too).

Level 200 - 250
At Level 205, you can start collecting Firebloom, which will appear in Tanaris and the Blasted Lands. Stay in Tanaris for now and look for this and then at Level 215, look for Purple Lotus. Continue here until you reach Level 225 when you should return to your trainer and become an Artisan Herbalist. At Level 230, start harvesting Sungrass in Feralas; continue this course until you reach skill Level 250.

Level 250 - 300
You cannot train your Master Herbalist ability until you reach level 300, so continue harvesting Sungrass in Ferala as well as Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, and Mountain Silversage in Un’Goro Crater and Azshara until you reach Level 300. This grind might take a little longer as these herbs are harder to find, but are your only solid bet for making it to Level 300 without picking too many. Alternately, you can stick with lower level herbs for a while to make things easier in terms of hunting.

Level 300 - 375
When you reach Level 300, head for Outland and find the Master Trainers in Thrallmar for Horde and Honor Hold for Alliance. Train your final Herbalism level and then return to Azeroth for a little while. Travel to Felwood and collect Gromsblood and Dreamfoil for a good long while until you reach Level 340.

When you reach Level 340, you can return to Outland and start harvesting in Zangarmarsh. In Zangarmarsh, You can start harvesting your herbs and leveling up your skill from killing mobs, much the same way you would with skinning, which will make the hunting process much easier. To do so, look for the following mobs:

  • Withered Giants
  • Starving Bog Lords
  • Withered Bog Lords
  • Starving Fungal Giants
  • Bog Lords
  • Fungal Giants
  • Bog Giants
  • Underbog Lords
  • Bog Overlords
  • Hungarfen
  • Underbog Colossus
These mobs will drop Dreamfoil, Felweed, Ancient Lichen, Dreaming Glory, and Terocone, as well as the occasional Motes of Life, making your job that much easier. Just look for the gather herb icon to appear on their corpses after they are dead.

To start, visit the Dead Mire where Withered Giants and Bog Lords are located. Kill these and harvest them to get the needed herbs and skill points.It is possible that you may have trouble reaching 375 here, especially if it is being over harvested. In this case, travel to the Spawning Glens, and grind on the mobs there instead. Generally though, the Zangarmarsh plant mobs should be more than enough to get you to the top levels and ready for the next expansion levels.

Level 375 - 450
In Northrend, you are going to encounter a whole lot of new herbs that will make it seemingly easy (but not very) to reach level 450. To get started, you will be picking Goldclover and Firethorn. Goldclover can be found in any non - snowy area of the game and is fairly plentiful in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord. Firethorn can be found in Borean Tundra as well near the Geyser Field – it is a good herb for level ups. You should get to Level 385 by picking these herbs. At 385, if you are not yet Level 75, continue picking Goldclover. However, if you are a higher level, travel to Zul’Drak and start picking Taldra’s Rose. There is a great deal of it throughout the temples here. At level 400, go back to the lakes in Borean tundra and look for Tiger Lily. There are great amounts of it near the DEHTA camp and it will allow you to get to Level 410 - 415.

In dragonblight, you can start finding Frozen herbs. These nodes will drop either Goldclover, Talandra’s Rose or Tiger Lily and will almost always give a skill up before Level 425. They are harder to find, but well worth the search.

At 425, start searching fro Lichbloom and Adder’s Tongue in Storm Peaks and Sholazar. You will get to 435 and can then start picking Icethorn, also in Storm Peaks and in Icecrown. To finish off, you will need to do some serious searching for Icethorn and push to level 450 in this Herbalism Power leveling Guide.

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