Saturday, October 31

Win the Stranglethorn Fishing contest!

First off, this isn't a 'set your hearth to BB' exploit. This is an actual exploit.
Second off, it does require a GM. But I've tested it and it's completely foolproof.

You have to plan this a week in advance to the week you want to win. Here's what you do:

  1. Fish up 38 Tastyfish during the contest.
  2. Split them up into 2 stacks of 19.
  3. Delete them.
  4. Ticket a GM, say you accidentally deleted them and wanted to turn them in for gold.
  5. DO NOT retrieve them yet.
  6. The next week, fish up 2 tastyfish, and seperate them into 2 stacks of 1.
  7. Take the 2 stacks out of the mailbox, they will merge with your current stacks (if you did not do step 6 they will simply disappear from the duration timer.).
  8. Hand them in.

enjoy the achievement and reward!

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