Monday, October 5

Sick xp/hour 73-80!

In Grizzly Hills, there is a quest where you have to escort Harrison Jones to safety. Before he runs to the exit, he enters a ceremonial chamber, frees some chicks and then a giant elite snake appears. Now, this snake spawns many trolls with ~1.5k hp all the time.

The exploit:

These trolls die in 2-3 hits since they got so low hp, but they give the same xp as any normal mob with the usual 10-12k. This allows you to grind xp quite fast. Ofcourse you shouldnt dps the snake : if he dies, you gotta reset the quest.

Just let Harrison jones fight the snake while you do the adds. After a while, Harrison will die, but you can just retake quest and do it all over (doesnt take all too long to get to the snake part again). If you have some kind of heal or dispell you can help Harrison a bit by healing/dispelling him to make the fight last longer.

The actual quest: Dun-da-Dun-tah! - Quest - World of Warcraft
The npc: Harrison Jones - NPC - World of Warcraft
The mobs you should kill all the time: Ancient Drakkari King - NPC - World of Warcraft

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Chemizt said...

Sadly, this doesn't give as much XP as I'd hoped.. Only 10 mobs or so spawn before the snake or harrison dies and you have to re-take the quest.

That gave me roughly 260k/hour rested, which isn't all that much :(

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