Tuesday, October 6

A way to earn Relentless Glad weapons/gear easily

A friend and I recently started doing 2's in the 70 arena bracket and have gotten 2k quite easily as a double mage team in northrend quest blues and greens and a couple pieces of merc glad gear.

See at 80 I wouldn't consider myself a great arena player but at 70 the 2's bracket has a lot less talent, and a lot fewer teams, so it is a lot easier to reach 1800/2200. The queues are constant throughout the day with an average wait time of 1-4 minutes on my battlegroup(ruin). It took us an hour or so a day for a week to reach 2k relatively easily.

We were planning on getting full brutal for fun, but I found out that you can buy relentless items and weapons with a level 70 arena rating. So far I've gotten the 1800 relentless glad staff, wand, gloves and pants. I plan on getting everything except the shoulders (because you need a 3's or 5's team rating) then leveling to 80 and I'll have a decent head start in gear

Good luck and have fun!!

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Anonymous said...

Does this still work?

We're at 1202, but I wanna know if I should just buy a S4 item for leveling.

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