Monday, November 9

Easy 500-1000gold for plate users in minutes!

Hey guys - here is my latest offering in how Deathknight, Paladins, and perhaps feral druids can SOLO Burning Crusade bosses for large amounts of gold.

The Boss

This is the boss that is to be solo'd - Doomwalker located in Shadowmoon Valley, at location 71,43.

So, why do you suggest this boss?

Doomwalker drops anything from 470 to 550 RAW GOLD ALONE. Not only this, he also drops 2 BoE epics that can be sold on the auction house (I've had the Ethereum Nexus-Reaver sell for another 500gold) , disenchanted for void crystals, or simply vendored (most of the items fetch a 10-20gold vendor price)

Ok, now that we have established that you can make anywhere from 500 to potentially thousands from epic sales, you are probably asking yourselves - "I can make this amount of gold from dailies in a couple of hours, or from a good farming spot even less."

Doomwalker takes approximately 20-25 minutes to solo, meaning that you will be getting all this gold for minimum time effort. This is what makes soloing Doomwalker so attractive.

Ok, I like it - So how do I do it?

Well, there are various strategies for different classes on how to do this - and I'll run through the most commonly use strat for each class.

Deathknight - The best spec for doing this is no doubt Blood, wearing tanking gear. Keep Horn of Winter up at all times. The two abilities to that are of most concern is Crush Armor and his melee swings. When Crush Armor reaches 10stacks - it will leave you with 0 armor, so the idea is to avoid it stacking up. To do this, when he casts Earthquake, pop IBF and run away from him - this gives you 8 seconds of no stack application, as well as the few seconds it takes him to get back to you.

Use Deathstrike to keep youself healed, obviously. When he casts enrage - use Army of the Dead. Save IBF when needed the most. Make sure you have no more than 4stacks of crush armor on you during enrage. Pet sacrifice when low. Just use defensive cooldowns during enrage, basically.

Paladin - The spec to use as a Paladin is Prot. Just try and use as much Block gear as possible, if he enrages with 4 or more stacks on you, bubble. Use JoL, SoL to keep yourself topped. Divine Plea up at all times, Blessing of Sanctuary, and keep holy shield up.

Druid - Although no one has done it yet, maybe this is do-able as feral. Try it - be the first feral druid in the world to solo Doomwalker.

Warrior - Again, no one as done it yet - but try it. Perhaps with enough avoidence you can keep yourself up with self heals.


Here are some Youtube videos illustrating what I wrote for extra help if needed. These are simply taken from Youtube and I take no credit for making them.

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