Saturday, November 7

4000-20k Gold / Hour - Parrot Farming

I just sold my latest Parrot on the Auctionhouse and I figured that it was time to share my best goldmakeing secret with all of you here.

What will we be doing? - Farming a very rare Vanity pet

What is needed to do this?
A high lvl character, 40 + but preferably higher.
As we will be swimming quite a bit aswell its highly recomended to get some [Elixir of Water Walking] unless you are a Deathknight or shaman.

Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw).
This pet quite possibly has the smallest drop rate in the game, at approximately 0.0007 = 0.07% (about 1/1400 kills) CONFIRMED ON WOWWIKI
and so takes an incredible amount of patience and determination in order to get one.

Due to the difficulty of obtaining one, and thus their rarity, they can sell for huge amounts of gold on the Auction House.

Because of the extremely low droprate - This pet is a status symbol. Every Goblin sitting on to much money / Every Pet-collector / Really hardcore player wants one of these.

World of Warcraft has always been about having the most gold, achivements, pets, mounts, having the highest ratings and best gear. Simply being the best player.
Depending on which server you are on,
Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) will sell from anywhere between 9000 gold upto 60 000 gold.

I have seen on many occasions diffrent people makeing serverforum posts about wanting to buy this item or spamming the trade channel.

To be noted is that Blizzard in patch 3.2.2 made this drop EPIC because previously it dropped for some low levels and they would go on ah and sell it for like 3 gold or something stupid. But that never happens now!

I especially avoided the Booty Bay quests because I don't want to loose reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers, What should I do?

My recommendation for you is very simple.

You know that Death Knight you leveled to 58 and then forgot about? Finish leveling it to 61 so you get Path of Frost, and then run willy-nilly between the ships killing pirates.

It makes the whole experience much easier and even a little fun.

Don't forget that you will get lots of Booty Bay reputation, If you do it enough you will get Exalted with BB very quickly.

How to farm it?
Simply head down to the Wild Shore just south of Booty Bay, Pop your waterwalking and start farming.

I recomend putting on some good music in the background or you will get very boored very quickly, but I guess that goes for all farming.

Follow the arrows on the map, start on the beach clearing the packs of mobs then run south down to the 2 boats there.

Clear those and head over east to the third boat and then up to the beach again.

I timed my killings for an hour and managed to kill amost 10 mobs / minute,

and that was includeing the low lvls who occationally come around killing mobs for their own quests.

Additionally I would like to add that I understand that this is a pretty "Unsafe" method considering the low droprate.

But just do the math. The droprate is 1 in 1400. You can kill about 10 mobs / Minute (That includes Run and loot time). So you will on average get 1 Pet every 140 minutes or 2.33 Hours,
which you will prolly sell pretty quickly for 20 000 gold (Ofc if there is one on the Ah you just wait a little while). 20 000 / 2.33 =
[color=black]8 583.69099 Gold / Hour!

Good Luck

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