Wednesday, November 4

Level 75-76 Instant respawns, no quests required!

Stumbled upon this spot accidentally while questing today. Right after you kill the Bonescythe Ravager mobs that are stationed here, more will instantly respawn and either run toward you, or spawn right on top of you. For a class that can support this non-stop grinding, such as a blood DK for example, this would be some sick XP!

The mobs are standard 75-76 mobs, regular health bars, regular drops, regular 2k rested xp.

It wasn't too great on my rogue because I don't really have a way to regenerate health from the mobs aside from eating or bandaging but that's difficult with instant respawns. I'm sure someone can find a good use for this.

Location/example in pictures below. Good luck!

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