Tuesday, November 24

Rogue Talent Guide

  • Can stealth
  • Can add poisons to weapons
  • Very high melee damage
  • Can escape most battles and circumstances
  • Has the ability to pick lock and pick pocket
  • Can only wear cloth and leather armor
  • Can't buff other classes
  • Can't heal
  • Limited ranged abilities
Stats To Get
  1. Agility
  2. Hit, Attack Power, Expertise
  3. Crit, Stamina
Gear to Look For
Bandit, Monkey

Talent Templates
What rogue builds are best for anything is a highly controversial topic. I'm not going to tell you
that combat swords is the best farming build, what I am going to tell you is it's what I use to
farm, I like it the best because it seems to have good survivability and allows for you to fight an
enemy toe to toe easier.

Rotation Suggestion
Sinister Strike till full on combo points, then either Slice and Dice if the mob has enough health
left or just Eviscerate. You can also get a head start on combo points by Cheap Shotting out of
Major Glyphs to Get
Glyph of Eviscerate
Glyph of Sinister Strike

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